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Animal Communication & Reiki for Animals - Pam Sourelis

Dan GrunewaldPam is a professional Animal Communicator, Reiki practitioner, Neuromuscular Retraining practitioner, writer, and teacher, who has been assisting animals and their humans (both in person and from a distance) for 14 years.

In her talks on Animal Communication, Pam will be sharing information about what Animal Communication is, how it works, and how you can strengthen your communication with your beloved animal companions.

In her talks on Reiki for Animals, Pam will explain what Reiki is, what it isn’t, and how Reiki can benefit both you and your animal companions. You will also have the opportunity to experience Reiki for yourself. You can learn more about Pam and her work at and on Facebook.
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Barefoot or Shod - Rick Burton

Bodywork for Horses  (Massage Therapy) - Stefanie Reinhold

Stefanie ReinholdBodywork for Horses. Masterson Method™ Certified Instructor

Stefanie learned about the needs of performance horses in her youth in Germany (FN-trainer apprenticeship). In her equine massage and bodywork practice she focuses on performance enhancing bodywork for sport and performance horses. In addition, Stefanie has a special interest in working with horses with pain/trauma related behavioral and performance issues.

As a Masterson Method™ Certified Practitioner & Instructor, she practices and teaches Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™ (The Masterson Method) mostly in the Midwest and the East Coast of the United States. Stefanie is the co-author of Jim Masterson's book on the Masterson Method™, to be published by Trafalgar Square Publishing in the fall of 2011. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin. You can contact Stephanie via email and through her website at:

Canine NutritionJon Sawle - Canine Nutrition Specialist

Jon SawleJon attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meat and Animal Science in 1983. After college, Jon worked at the University of Wisconsin - Arlington Swine Research Center. In September of 1986, Jon began working for Land O'Lakes as a nutritionist. In Jon's 17 years at Land O'Lakes, Jon had an interest in intestinal health and using natural ingredients to enhance overall health without using antibiotics. In May 2008, he came to work for Doctor's Choice as a Canine Nutrition Specialist. Jon has worked with Dr Meyer to develop the Fido-Vite line of Canine Supplements and the K9 Nutrition Analyzer software program. Jon currently lives on a small farm near Prairie du Sac, WI with his wife Jennifer and daughter Jaime, where they raise and show Scottish Highland cattle.

Composting Manure – Peter Moon, O2 Compost



Dog Nutrition – Craig Sandmire

D.O.T. Rules and Regulations – Kevin Rund, Illinois Farm Bureau

Kevin Rund


Equine Emergencies - Jacob T. Goodin, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinay Surgeons, LA, UW Veterinary Care, The Morrie Waud Equine Center- "Preparing for Equine Emergencies "

Equine Health - Dr. Lisa Borzinsky, Wisconsin Equine Clinic

Equine NutritionDaniel J. Burke, Ph.D.,Director of Equine Nutrition,Tribute Equine Nutrition

Dan Burke, Ph.D

1.     The Basics of Horse Nutrition – how does the horse’s GI tract work?
2.     The TRUTH About “Low Starch” Feed for Horses
3.     Balancing  Cost Considerations with Behavior and Performance in 2011


Fall Pasture Management – The Delong Company

Health and Life Coach for the Rider - Anke Johnson

ANKEAnke Johnson has been a personal health and life coach since 2003. As a lifelong rider, she focuses her attention on improving upon the struggles facing many riders. From fear and confidence, to life balance and weight issues, her health and life coaching is changing lives in and out of the saddle for people of all disciplines and in all areas of the country.Late Night Jackpot Barrel Racing


Parasite effective control – Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic

Parasite Management

John Byrd DVM Dr. John Byrd, DVM,
owner of Horsemen's Laboratory, has a lifetime experience with horses. Managing Parasites in horses can be challenging & confusing for even the most experienced horse owners. Horsemen's Laboratory helps horse owners protect their horses from worms with individualized, customized worm control programs. Learn More


Who Am I with My Horse: The Personalities of Horsemanship - Juli Lynch

Juli LynchEpala’s ™ mission is to transformthe lives of people and horses through heartfelt leadership, connection and respect. According to Juli, “Heartfelt leadership with your horse means learning how your emotions influence whether your horse sees you as having the capacity to be their leader.
Learn More



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“Building a better future for horses and horse people” – Frank Bowman

Horsemen’s Council of Illinois’ Executive Director, Frank Bowman discusses current events, legislative efforts and how we can work together towards a brighter future for the horse industry. Q & A

Herd Instinct Test - Shannon WolfeShannon Wolfe Herding InstinctLate Night Jackpot Barrel Racing

How to back up farm implements – Dekalb Implement

How to build Stall Fronts – Woodstar Products

How To Back Up Your Horse Trailer – Midway Trailer Sales
Horse Trailer


Log Skidding Demonstration - Jan Ethington

Tractor & Farm Equipment Safety – John Deere
John Deere Photo


Trailer Towing Safety & Requirements