Horse Days 2011 will feature clinics* for every discipline of riding, as well as basic horse training, problem horse training, horse show preparation and even some dog clinics!*All clinicians subject to change. Are you interested in hosting a clinic at Horse Days 2011? Please click here to e-mail us. If you are interested in participating in any of these clinics click here to download the entry form.

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Horse Days Clinicians for 2011 !!

A huge Thank You to all of you for your participation in Horse Days 2011!


Frank Allison – Dog Obedience

Frank AllisonPoor canine greeting manners, counter surfing, taking comfortable walks with your dog, meeting new dogs, chewing, and everything else canine owners experience while raising and living with their companions are addressed when training. Frank M. Allison III has had decades of experience with the badly behaved dog.





Mike Branch – Horse Longing & Long Lining

Mike Branch"Since adopting my first Mustang I have been intrigued by their sensitive emotion, and feel, their mental and physical nature as well as a spiritual side that they will expose to you once you have earned their trust. I am dedicated to the education of the public on the American Mustang, their trainability, and their need to survive and thrive in today’s culture. I would like to help you achieve your horsemanship goals, no matter what they may be, through working with, and learning through the wild horse. I believe if I can help you learn to communicate to this "wild" horse you will be able to communicate to your more domesticated horse. Your basic skills will be tested and sharpened, your horsemanship raised to a much higher level."
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TJ Clibborn – Leading & Trailer Loading & In Hand Obstacle Trail Course

Dan GrunewaldTJ has called the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area home for the past several years. During this time, TJ has spent his time starting colts, training horse owners how to develop a True Partnership with their horse, holding clinics and competing in two Extreme Mustang Challenges hosted by the Mustang Heritage Foundation.
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Dan Grunewald – "Through The Judges Eyes"

Dan GrunewaldDan Grunewald has been involved in the horse industry his entire life. Dan offers a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the show world, whether it has been through his experience as an exhibitor, clinician, or judge. Dan is an advocate for getting our future horsemen and women involved in the horse industry. He puts his energy, knowledge, expertise, and love of the industry into all of his clinics, judging, and in training horses.




Harmony Horsemanship – Equi Soccer

Dan Grunewald

Training methods at Harmony Horsemanship are based on Natural Horsemanship principles and foundational riding skills. We do not use tie downs of any sort, martingales, biting rigs, big bits, flash bands, cavasons, mechanical hackamores, pulley reins etc. You will learn feel, timing, and balance with horses. Harmony Horsemanship dedicates time to teach people to attain a better and more effective way of understanding and communicating with their horse. The end result is a true partnership with your horse.




Mel Hass – Cowboy Mounted Shooting


Donna Irvin – Barrel Racing

Donna Irvin“I love barrel racing because it is exciting, fast and challenging. To be able to negotiate precise, balanced turns at a high rate of speed in a variety of grounds and conditions challenges your partnership with your horse. The mastery of horsemanship fundamentals is the foundation for consistent, successful performance.”
Donna Irvin is a professional barrel racer and an educator. She is a five- time PRCA/WPRA Great Lakes Circuit Qualifier and qualifier for the prestigious Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo. She has successfully competed at professional rodeos from coast to coast. She also works full time as a Professor of Equestrian Science at Black Hawk College (Galva, IL) where her Horse Show Team has won regional, semi-finals and national titles in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. In between rodeo and teaching at the college, she serves as a co-instructor with Sharon Camarillo delivering horsemanship and barrel racing clinics in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Irvin is also an AQHA Professional Horsemen, World Show Qualifier and has been top ten at the AQHA Congress three times. In 2010 she was elected to the Board of Directors of the WPRA (Women’s Professional Rodeo Association). Camarillo credits Irvin’s experience with the WPRA, AQHA and Black Hawk College for making her the Performance Program’s “traveling” professional.

Irvin trains her own horses and has had great success in selecting from performance bloodlines.


Chad Kelly - Misunderstood Mustang

Chad KellyChad lives in the heart of the Ozark s in southwest Missouri doing what he has loved to do all his life…training horses.  What most don’t know about Chad is that he holds 3 B.S. and 1 B.A. degree for various sciences and maths.  For the past 20 years Chad has been a Horse Project Leader for his local 4H club and loves teaching children about horses.  After competing in the first Extreme Mustang Makeover in 2007, he found a new challenge and love of training the “untamable” wild Mustang.  He has gone to be the #1 contracted adopter in the United States with the Mustang Heritage Foundation and Bureau of Land Management.  In 2008 Chad competed in the Mustang Magic at the Fortworth Stock Show with his Mustang adopting for top dollar ($8,500).  Chad’s philosophy is that the Mustang is just a breed of horse that has been misunderstood.   He is dedicating his time to creating public awareness about Mustangs, the importance of adopting them and using them in society today.  Chad has recently taken in rescue horses and working with the Hooved Animal Humane Society to train and adopt them to forever loving family homes. Schedule to be announced.
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Dave Kluge – Teaching Your Horse to Drive

Dan Grunewald

Born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin, Dave has been riding, driving and/or training horses since he was eight. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a bachelors degree in education, he taught high school in Illinois before moving to Colorado. His study of natural horsemanship began after attending a clinic conducted by Tom Dorrance.  That started him on an intense course of study, attending numerous clinics by such noted clinicians as: Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli, Tom Dorrance, John Lyons, Craig Cameron, Richard Shrake, Curt Pate and Lee Cooper-Smith to name just a few.

Dave has been conducting Natural Horsemanship clinics throughout the country and abroad since 1994.  He has personally started well over 600 horses. His clinics cover a variety of subjects including: Horse Starting (not "Breaking"), Trailer Loading, Building Leadership From The Ground Up, Foundational Riding Skills, Intermediate Riding skills, Basic Ranch Roping, Fundamentals of Team Penning, Preparing The Horse For Driving, Working Cattle Skills and Learning How Horses Think.
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Steve Lantvit – Horsemanship

Steve LantvitSteven Lantvit is a full-time Clinician, Trainer and Instructor whose goal is to contribute to the betterment of the relationships between man/woman and horse. With a wide array of experiences across both Western and English disciplines, his focus on training is that of all around horsemanship and the creation of the versatile horse.

"Sure in the Saddle" is on the Universityhouse Channel (channel 9411) on DISH NetworkTM .  The show is aired twice a week, Wednesday at 4:30 CDT and Saturday at 9:00 am CDT.

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Indy O'Connor – Agape Natural Horsemanship

Indy O'ConnorIndy O’Connor, Natural Horseman and founder of Agape Natural Horsemanship, will demonstrate practical techniques that will solve the problems most horse owners have experienced. Indy will work with local horses he has never worked with before and demonstrate how each of their specific problem areas can be addressed.

Indy O’Connor has been helping horses and their human partners since 2004.  Influenced by the methods of Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman, Indy established Agape (ancient Greek word for love) Natural Horsemanship.  Indy believes that a successful horse-human relationship needs to be based on trust, harmony, and mutual respect.  Indy’s method is rooted in the principles of establishing herd boss position, and developing timing, balance, and feel both on the ground and in the saddle.  A native of Illinois, and currently residing near Rockford, Indy has become a respected horseman with a reputation for helping troubled horses.  Indy strives to make a difference in the lives of horses and humans alike.  He is a gifted horseman who hopes to honor the legacy of the great horsemen right here in the Midwest.Learn More


Tracy Porter

Tracy Porter

My training program, clinics and lessons are safe, sound and versatile; I'll help successfully reach the goals you have for you and your horse! My simple techniques and straight forward information will lead you to a better partnership resulting in more enjoyment for you regardless of your experience level or discipline.

You'll receive instruction of unparalleled quality spoken in a language easy to understand with concepts that will mold and build the foundation your horse needs to become a great partner. For horses that are further along, I can fulfill your dreams by coaching you and your horse to the next level with simple techniques and straight forward information. Whatever you’re level of expertise or chosen discipline, you'll find enjoyment in the partnership between you and your horse!
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Jamie Price – Eventing

Jamie PriceJamie Price has been very successful over the past several years competing through the CIC ** level and earning many top rankings on the United States Eventing Association Area IV Leader Board. In 2007, she was the Adult Rider of the Year, and ranked 11th overall Rider of the Year. In 2008, she was again the Adult Rider of the Year and ranked 5th overall in Area IV. In 2009, success really hit home when Jamie earned the 3rd ranked overall Adult Rider of the Year position at the Preliminary level in the USA and her own horse, “Overdraft,” was the 6th Ranked Horse in the USA at the Preliminary level.  
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Juli Realy – Gaited Equitation

Juli Realy

Juli’s background includes training in Jumping, Dressage, Saddle-seat, Western, Trail and Gaited Horses. She’s taught hundreds of riding lessons, trained hundreds of horses, offered Girl Scout Badgework, and worked on behalf of Pony Clubs of America. She has shown, fox-hunted and ridden competitive trail rides. She’s been conducting her popular “Spook-Proof Your Horse” and “Gaited Horse Problem Solving” clinics for years for various groups, including HAHS, Amateur Owners and Breeders Assoc. as well as at various Equine Festivals throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.
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Rob Robinson – Halter & Showmanship

Rob RobinsonWith almost 40 years of experience in the horse industry, Rob was a year and half when his mother put him in his first lead-line class. He showed all around youth all through school winning his first State High Point Title at age 6. He showed and placed in Showmanship at his first World show at age 10 and won his first World Title at age 18.



Mary Vanderloop – Sidesaddle & Beginning Trick-Training

Dan GrunewaldMary Vanderloop, co-owner of Double Dutch Ranch, is known as “America's most recognized sidesaddle rider”. She has earned the titles of both World Champion (WSFI & USS) and International Champion (ISSO) Sidesaddle Rider. Mary travels the country going Sidesaddle clinics, Sidesaddle demonstrations at horse fairs, and parades. She is a Master Sidesaddle Riding Instructor (USS), teaching Western, Hunter and Beginning Jumping, Saddleseat style!




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